Check out LinenTablecloth's featured video: "How to Attach a Table Skirt" - A video on how to attach a table skirt.

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How to Put on a Stretch Buckle Sash

How to put on a stretch buckle sash over a chair cover.

Creating Easter Ornaments

DIY featuring a step by step presentation on how to hollow out eggs and turn the shells into fabulous Easter ornaments.

Helping You Find Endless Ways to Celebrate

Our friendly and knowledge Customer Service Reps are ready to help you with your order and product questions. Find our number and business hours listed at the end of the video.

How Rental Works

Rental offers a stylish and affordable alternative to purchasing linen. This video provides a brief walk through of LinenTablecloth's rental process.

A Holiday Napkin Folding Tutorial

Spread some holiday cheer to your event this season. Recreate Christmas Trees and Santa's Boots with LinenTablecloth's easy to follow, step-by-step napkin folding tutorial.

Choosing Chair Covers

Informational video about various chair cover and sash options available through
Provides explanation of different chair types used for events and the styles of chair covers and sashes that fit them.

Tablecloth Sizing Video

How do I choose the right tablecloth size for my table? You might think that this would be an easy question to answer. And it can be.
Watch and see how easy it is...

How to Tie a Universal Chair Cover

A video tutorial on how to tie Universal Chair Covers from
Follow these simple steps to tie your universal chair cover on any chair for your wedding or special event.

How to Care for Your Linens

Our linens are very tough, and can last a very long time. Be sure to build on that and create a long-lasting investment that won't disappoint. Check out this video for useful tips, hints and procedures for taking care of all of your table linens.
Looking for the perfect spice for an upcoming party? Put a small investment into low-priced, high-quality linens at

Napkin Folding Videos

LinenTablecloth presents these easy to follow napkin folding tutorials to give you inspiration and help decorating your table.
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Sash Tying Tutorials

LinenTablecloth brings you these step by step tutorials to tying our chair cover sashes. These chair cover sash styles are elegant and classy as well as being simple to tie.
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Factory Direct to You

At LinenTablecloth, we try to keep our employees, as well as our customers, as happy as possible. Follow the epic life of table linens: born in a factory outside of Shanghai, then making the perilous journey across storm tossed waters, finally finding their new home in a Portland, Oregon warehouse. But, even after such an intensely dangerous journey, these table linens are still available for you at the lowest price on the web.

Our First TV Commercial

Watch for our commercial! Set to begin airing on February 13th, 2012 during which airs on the Women's Entertainment Network every Saturday.
We would like to thank Candice Currier of Brides on a Budget for allowing us to hi-jack her bride's wedding, The Farmstead Restaraunt & Pub for giving us advanced access to their facility and to Sarah Giffrow of Enko Photography for providing her lovely stills photos for this project.